Bizarro Corp – Esputnik II

Discover the Espuntik II, an extraordinary electric drag racing motorcycle from Bizarro Corp., the unconventional Spanish custom workshop known for pushing boundaries. This kinetic work of art, adorned by Felipe Pantone, combines Zero and Suzuki components in its construction. The Espuntik II is an evolution of Bizarro’s electric motorcycle lineup, featuring a bespoke steel chassis housing a Zero DSR electric motor and salvaged car battery. Its redesigned aluminum fairing, inspired by vintage dustbin fairings, and sleek tail unit echo modern hyper-bikes. The chassis, optimized for straight-line speed, is complemented by a Suzuki GS500 front end and regenerative engine braking.

Tuned for sprint races, the Espuntik II achieves a 0-60 mph time of 3.1 seconds, matching renowned models. Control is facilitated by a Domino throttle, while a custom-made control box with fighter jet-style toggles handles operations. Felipe Pantone's disruptive artwork adds visual brilliance. As a rolling prototype, further development is planned, capitalizing on electric drivetrain simplicity and modularity. Bizarro envisions tackling the legendary Bonneville salt flats, aiming for a remarkable 262 mph. Stay tuned for awe-inspiring innovation from Bizarro Corp.

Bizarro Corp

Located in Madrid, Bizarro Corp is an extraordinary motorcycle shop that defies convention and embraces innovation. With a passion for pushing boundaries, they specialize in creating unique and unconventional custom motorcycles that captivate the imagination. Led by a team of visionary designers and builders, Bizarro Corp showcases their unrivaled creativity through their diverse portfolio of awe-inspiring two-wheeled creations. From electric drag racing bikes to café racers, their motorcycles are infused with artistic flair, technical expertise, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

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