JVB Moto

JvB Moto is a highly regarded custom motorcycle shop based in Cologne, Germany. Jens vom Brauck, the man behind JvB Moto, specializes in transforming motorcycles into unique works of art, combining style, performance, and functionality. Known for his clean and distinctive style, JvB Moto caught the attention of Harley-Davidson when the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer sought a custom build for their electric LiveWire model. The result is the Silent Alarm, a limited-edition signature bike that combines sleek aesthetics with practical functionality.

The customization includes new bodywork, featuring a fiberglass "fuel tank," a redesigned seat/tail unit, a new front fender, and stylish carbon fiber covers for the alloy wheels. The factory-fitted mini-fairing has been replaced with a simple enclosure and an LED headlight. Additional enhancements include LSL handlebars with custom risers, Performance Machine grips, and upgraded front brakes with a Pro Brake lever.

JVB Moto’s attention to detail extends beyond the visual aspects of their custom motorcycles. They meticulously engineer and optimize the performance of their creations, ensuring a seamless integration of components and delivering an exhilarating riding experience.
With the Silent Alarm, JVB Moto has successfully combined the best of electric technology and custom motorcycle craftsmanship. The result is a unique and eco-friendly motorcycle that stands out in both style and performance. JVB Moto continues to push boundaries and set new standards in the world of motorcycle customization, earning a reputation as a leader in the industry.


LiveWire is an electric motorcycle brand that emerged as a separate entity from Harley-Davidson in 2019. The brand’s main objective is to redefine the motorcycle riding experience through the use of cutting-edge electric technology. LiveWire focuses on delivering high-performance electric motorcycles that combine innovation, sustainability, and thrilling performance.


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