Livewire – One „Silent Dancer“

Introducing the LiveWire ONE, a powerful and agile electric motorcycle designed by Harley-Davidson. Equipped with the Revelation™ powertrain, the LiveWire ONE delivers linear and constant acceleration, boasting 100 horsepower and 86 ft. lbs. of torque. The motor’s haptic pulse creates a sensory connection between the rider and the bike, enhancing the overall riding experience. Built with a lightweight cast-aluminum frame, the LiveWire ONE offers exceptional agility for city streets and a sport-inspired ride on the open road.

0–100 KM/H in 3 SEC

Its low center of gravity ensures confident control with minimal physical effort. The world-class SHOWA® SFF-BP® fork and BFRC™ rear shock provide precise handling and adjustable suspension. Stay connected with the LiveWire ONE via Bluetooth and cellular connectivity, accessing your favorite music and turn-by-turn directions while also being able to monitor your bike’s location, alerts, and recharge status. Charging options include DC Fast Charging, achieving a 0-100% charge in 60 minutes, and Level One Charging, reaching a full charge in 11 hours using a standard wall outlet.

With its dynamic ride modes, including SPORT, ROAD, RANGE, RAIN, and CUSTOM, the LiveWire ONE offers a tailored riding experience. Safety features such as traction control, ABS, and Drag-Torque Slip Control ensure stability and rider control in various conditions. The LiveWire ONE is a versatile electric motorcycle designed to provide power, performance, and a connected riding experience.


LiveWire is an electric motorcycle brand that emerged as a separate entity from Harley-Davidson in 2019. The brand’s main objective is to redefine the motorcycle riding experience through the use of cutting-edge electric technology. LiveWire focuses on delivering high-performance electric motorcycles that combine innovation, sustainability, and thrilling performance.

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