Poulsen Motors

Poulsen Motors introduces an innovative electric motorcycle with a non-traditional frame design. The simplicity of each part allows for versatile placement, whether at the front or rear, eliminating the need to differentiate between left and right sides. This not only streamlines production but also reduces costs. Poulsen Motors goes beyond just running on electricity; they prioritize sustainable production.

The "Suitcase" is a specially designed accessory for the bike that doubles as a lifestyle product. It can be obtained separately and attached to the motorcycle as needed. The Suitcase comes in different models, sizes, materials, and colors, offering users unprecedented versatility and customization options. Multiple bags and seats can be interchanged for various purposes, enhancing convenience.

Thanks to the unique design, the motorcycle can be assembled anytime and anywhere, eliminating the need for a traditional assembly plant or specialized tools. Once the subcontractors produce their parts, assembly becomes a hassle-free process. Practicality is a key consideration for this concept. Poulsen Motors aims to create a motorcycle that seamlessly integrates into everyday life, assisting with activities such as shopping, package delivery, and longer trips.

Driven by „new“ technology, Poulsen Motors strives to revolutionize the motorcycle industry by offering a fresh solution. The design stands out while serving a clear purpose. To ensure accessibility to a wide range of customers, innovative production-line solutions are implemented.

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