The Stilride 1 is a remarkable light electric motorcycle that combines innovative design with sustainable manufacturing practices. Inspired by origami, its body is crafted from a single sheet of steel, setting it apart from traditional scooters with their welded tubular-metal frames and plastic body panels. This unique production technique brings several advantages, including reduced manual labor, minimized material waste, lower weight, and the ability to manufacture the bike in small regional factories. Stilride proudly claims that the Stilride 1 is 40% lighter and has 70% fewer structural components compared to conventionally made scooters. Additionally, it boasts 20% lower material costs and 25% lower production costs. Sustainability is a key focus for Stilride, as evidenced by the fact that all steel scraps and the body itself are 100% recyclable. Powered by a rear hub motor generating 280 Nm of torque, the Stilride 1 achieves a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) and offers a range of approximately 120 km (75 miles) on a four-hour charge. With its carefully engineered features and Swedish craftsmanship, the Stilride 1 embodies the future of sustainable electric motorcycles.

Vehicle Classification: Light Electric Motorcycle (L3e-A1)
Driver's License: A1 (EU)
Motor: PMSM with integrated controller. Regenerative braking
- Nominal: 6 kW (8hp)
- Peak: 8 kW (10,7hp)
- Nominal: 210 Nm (155 ft-lb)
- Peak: 280 Nm (207 ft-lb)
Top Speed: 100 km/h (60 mph)
Range: 120 km (75 miles)
Battery capacity: 5,1 kWh
Voltage: 51V
Curb Weight: 130 kg (286 lb)
Seat Height: 810 mm
Wheel Base:1290mm

STILRIDE, a Swedish company founded in 2020, is making waves in the electric motorcycle industry with their innovative approach to sustainable manufacturing. Their signature product, the STILRIDE 1, is a light electric motorcycle that pushes the boundaries of sustainability and style. Driven by their patented STILFOLD technology, inspired by modular origami, STILRIDE is revolutionizing sheet metal manufacturing. This cutting-edge technique allows for precise folding and bending of sheet metal into elegant curves and 3-dimensional shapes, resulting in eye-catching designs that offer superior strength while significantly reducing carbon emissions. With a team of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts from automotive, electronics, and fashion backgrounds, STILRIDE is dedicated to reshaping the manufacturing industry and setting a new standard for sustainable mobility. They envision a future where their STILFOLD technology can be applied not only to motorcycles but also to aerospace, automotive, and heavy transportation sectors.
As the mobility landscape undergoes a transformative shift towards electric and sustainable solutions, STILRIDE is at the forefront, pioneering the green transformation. They are committed to developing new manufacturing methods for electric mobility devices that not only deliver impressive performance but also leave a minimal environmental footprint. With their Limited Founders Edition already gaining over 100 reservations, STILRIDE is planning to increase their production rate. They aim to establish micro factories near end customers, leveraging the flexibility of the STILFOLD technology and collaborating with local steel manufacturers. This approach ensures efficient production and enables them to meet the growing demand for their stylish and sustainable electric motorcycles. STILRIDE’s vision extends beyond Europe, as they aspire to expand their presence globally and establish themselves as a driving force in the electric motorcycle market. With their commitment to sustainability, innovation, and a passion for redefining what’s possible in manufacturing, STILRIDE is poised to make a lasting impact on the future of electric mobility.

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