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Reload Land would be just another event in your calendar without the passionate work of likeminded futurists, friends, exhibitors and the team of Craftwerk.Berlin. So a big shoutout to every helping hand, advisor, supporter and visitor on our journey towards an exiting future on two wheels! To many more years ahead. See you soon in all over Europe!

The native Berliner was always fascinated by machines. After studying graphic design he followed his passion for cars and motorcycles and pursued a career in the lifestyle industry working for several magazines like Craftrad and eventually became an editor at renown Gestalten publishing house. In 2019 he became Co-Founder at Craftwerk.Berlin Europes Biggest Motorcycle DIY Garage, started an agency in Hamburg parallel to it and is the original founder and creative mind behind Reload Land now being completed by his new Co-Founder Leo. Let’s ride!

Leo is an industrial engineer and has worked in various companies in the field of innovation and digitalization of the energy industry. In this context he founded the set tech festival and was responsible for the greentech festival in its first year as head of operations. For the last 15 years he has known max from moto biking in the berlin scene. The perfect combination.

James is an electric mobility engineer with a passion for two-wheelers. In San Francisco, he developed hardware for Bolt (now Monday) Motorbikes and co-founded Omega Motors, a custom electric motorcycle shop. He came to Berlin to write his Master’s thesis at BMW Motorrad, focusing on the battery pack of the CE 04. Since then he’s worked in the shared micromobility space at TIER Mobility, and now as product engineer for the e-bike manufacturer ENYRING, a Yamaha Motor Co. company. Before all of that, James led community engagement events and renewable energy projects at the German Trade Commission and Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection.

Luis advances future-oriented technologies as a passionate automotive engineer in the mobility sector. Following his master’s in acoustics, he aims to combine his love for beautiful noises with a commitment to reducing environmental impact. Luis’s dedication goes beyond merely reducing noise; it extends to envisioning eco-friendly solutions. Advocating for sustainability and life cycle extension, he harmonizes vintage charm with modern automotive progress. At reload he takes over the operations business.

Special Thanks to:
Cäthe, Michael, Roman, Nils, Jessie, Brendon, Guy, Phillip, Ramon, Patricia, Alexander, Nico, Sylvia, Luuc, Dominique, Niels & Niels, Felix, Viktor, Ralf, Jürgen, Lutz, Kaja, Moritz, Einar, Tim, Marcus, Felix, Nico, Jörg, Moritz

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