Welcome to E-Racing, a renowned Danish manufacturer specializing in high-performance electric drivetrains and components for various vehicle applications. Their office and prototype workshop in Aarhus handle all aspects of product development, design, sales, support, and warehousing, while production is efficiently facilitated through a network of industry partners. This agile setup allows them to scale production seamlessly in line with project requirements.

E-Racing is dedicated to driving the electric vehicle industry forward by creating silent, powerful, and reliable electric powertrains. All their products undergo extensive testing in real-world conditions to ensure consistent performance and uncompromised safety. The team at E-Racing is driven by a personal passion for conventional fuel-based motorsport, recognizing the challenges faced by the industry, such as noise emissions, curfews, high maintenance costs, and complexity. They firmly believe that electric drivetrains can overcome these barriers and revitalize motorsport participation worldwide.

If you require a tailored solution for your specific application, E-Racing offers personalized assistance. Their team will work closely with you to find the optimal solution that meets your requirements. They provide turn-key solutions for projects focused on lithium-ion battery-powered propulsion systems, electric motors, inverters, PMSM controllers, and conversions from fuel-based powertrains to battery-powered systems.

E-Racing supplies high-performance electric components and complete drivetrains designed for light vehicles and motorsport applications that demand ruggedness and reliability. From concept to production, they offer comprehensive support throughout the entire process. Join E-Racing in embracing the electrification revolution and experience the cutting-edge technology and performance of their electric drivetrains.

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