Hookie – Neon Ant

The Neon ANT by Hookie Co. is a fully customized version of the Cake ÖSA flex, meticulously outfitted with Hookie products for an exceptional riding experience. This electric motorcycle is ideal for everyday commuting, built on the reliable Cake ÖSA platform. With the addition of a battery storage basket, you’ll have extra space for your belongings, whether it’s clothing or other small items. Equipped with a high-performance braking system featuring stainless steel discs and four-piston calipers, the Neon ANT ensures reliable stopping power. Its powerful 4kW motor delivers impressive torque, with 42Nm at the motor axle and 151Nm at the wheel. The direct drive system utilizes a Gates belt drive for smooth and efficient power transfer.

The Neon ANT meets the L3e-A1E regulatory classification in the EU and is classified as a motorcycle in the USA, requiring an AM or B license for operation. It offers three ride modes for customizable performance: extended range, balanced performance, or maximum power. With a range of 84km in mixed city riding and a top speed of 45km/h, the Neon ANT is designed to meet your urban mobility needs. The easily removable 50.4V battery has a capacity of 50Ah (2.6kWh) and can be charged either on the bike or separately. It features an intelligent battery management system for enhanced safety and performance optimization. The bike also includes convenient outlets for charging electronic devices.

The Neon ANT weighs 72kg without the battery and can accommodate a maximum load of 230kg. It rides on custom-designed lightweight motorcycle rims paired with dual sport motorcycle tires (140/70×14″). With its standout features and attention to detail, the Neon ANT in its eye-catching neon orange frame, sleek LED lighting, and comfortable seat with Vegan Alcantara upholstery, embodies Hookie Co.’s commitment to creating exceptional and personalized electric motorcycles.


Founded in 2015, Hookie cannot be pigeonholed. It´s not just another custom bike shop, but a free-spirited design office and creative hub. Motorcycles are Hookies’s catalysts for completely new ideas. The goal: An aesthetic and functional portfolio in the spirit of modern individualists.

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