Escape the urban chaos with the revolutionary BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY, offering a smart and eco-friendly way to navigate the city. This visionary vehicle combines the best of motorcycles and bicycles, providing unparalleled freedom for your urban adventures. Equipped with geofencing technology, the BMW Vision AMBY boasts an electric motor with three-speed adjustments tailored to different road conditions. Reach up to 25 km/h on bike lanes, cruise at 45 km/h on inner-city streets, or hit speeds of 60 km/h on regular traffic lanes and beyond. It adapts effortlessly to your needs, granting you the perfect driving mode for any situation. Safety is enhanced with bicycle-optimized ABS, a distance radar integrated into the native app, automatic lights assistants, and tire pressure control, ensuring a secure and convenient daily commute.

Stay seamlessly connected with the BMW Vision AMBY's app, where you can personalize settings, digitally lock/unlock the vehicle, plan charging sessions, locate your parked AMBY, and manage your driver's license and insurance information. The magnetic smartphone holder keeps your device within reach and offers wireless charging, ensuring you never run out of power.

Powered by a 2 kWh battery, the BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY provides a range of 75 to 300 kilometers, depending on your chosen driving mode. Embrace the adaptive mobility concept, enjoy the comfort and style of the BMW Vision AMBY, and experience an emission-free future. The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY app ensures convenient access to features like charging status, Face ID unlocking, and registration of licenses and insurance information. With a range of up to 110 kilometers on a single charge, explore the city in electrifying style.


BMW Motorrad has been actively venturing into the realm of electric motorcycles and scooters, showcasing its commitment to sustainable mobility. One of its notable offerings is the BMW C evolution electric scooter, which combines powerful electric propulsion with a range of up to 100 miles.

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