BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept

In collaboration with BMW Motorrad Austria, Vagabund Moto GmbH has created the BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept, an exceptional custom e-scooter based on the BMW CE 04. This stylish and multifunctional urban e-scooter showcases a fresh, modern design with functional elements that target a youthful demographic.

The BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept features an attractive color scheme in white, dark green, beige, and black. It incorporates various design elements, including a friendly smiley face on the front wheel hub and indicator lights, adding visual appeal and a touch of playfulness. While emphasizing aesthetics, Vagabund Moto has retained the impressive technical concept of the BMW CE 04, including a maximum output of 31 kW (42 hp), dynamic acceleration, a range of 130 km, and a charging time of just 65 minutes.

This custom e-scooter aims to highlight the versatility of the BMW CE 04 while targeting young, sporty individuals in urban environments. To enhance functionality, the concept includes a top case for additional storage space and a surfboard with an integrated transport system, reflecting a sustainable urban lifestyle and demonstrating the synergy between work, leisure, and personal style.
The BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept represents a unique interpretation of urban mobility, showcasing the collaborative efforts of BMW Motorrad Austria and Vagabund Moto GmbH to create a distinctive and practical e-scooter that caters to the diverse needs and aspirations of riders.


BMW Motorrad has been actively venturing into the realm of electric motorcycles and scooters, showcasing its commitment to sustainable mobility. One of its notable offerings is the BMW C evolution electric scooter, which combines powerful electric propulsion with a range of up to 100 miles.

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