A New Zealand-based company, UBCO offers a digitally connected EV platform that has evolved from its initial concept of a rugged all-wheel-drive electric utility bike. With a focus on leveraging the benefits of modern electric drive and battery technology, UBCO provides a range of on and off-road transport options, along with accessories and subscription software, to power your purpose. Founded in 2014 by industry veterans Daryl Neal and Anthony Clyde, UBCO identified a market gap and developed the first prototype of their innovative 2X2, which garnered recognition and won an award at a prominent agricultural tradeshow. Joining forces with Timothy Allan in 2015, they officially established UBCO and launched a pre-production version of the 2X2 the following year, leading to successful pre-orders and fundraising for production.

Empowering Your Electric Adventure and Sustainable Power.

UBCO's commitment to customer satisfaction led to extensive testing and refinement of the 2X2 in New Zealand's challenging environment, resulting in a remarkably robust utility vehicle. Building on this success, UBCO expanded globally with the support of entrepreneur Bob Ralston and his son Ethan, capturing markets in the US, Australia, and Europe due to the unique design, functionality, safety, and sustainability of their products. In 2020, UBCO introduced the fifth-generation product platform, featuring the 2X2 Work Bike designed for off-road use and the versatile 2X2 Adventure Bike for both on and off-road exploration. These models offer enhanced torque, power, and traction. With an expanding dealer network and the launch of e-commerce, UBCO provides direct-to-consumer sales.

UBCO’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond electric mobility, incorporating green practices throughout their product life cycle. Their 2X2 boasts impressive features, including all-wheel drive with two hub motors, a top speed of 30 mph, a range of 75 miles, a maximum carry weight of 330 pounds, and 19 lugs for secure gear transport. Charging the vehicle to full capacity takes approximately six hours. With its award-winning designs and dedication to purposeful and sustainable power, UBCO invites you to embark on an electric adventure. Discover the perfect synergy of purpose and performance with UBCO.


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