Energica Motor Company is a pioneer in the field of electric mobility, combining pure innovation, design, and production with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. As a subsidiary of CRP Group, Energica leverages over 45 years of cutting-edge CNC machining and additive manufacturing expertise to create premium electric motorcycles for the everyday rider. Energica’s passion for the industry comes from its racing roots, which began with the eCRP project, a fully electric racing motorcycle that led to the development of the Energica line.

The company's latest innovation is Energica Inside, a business unit dedicated to the development of new e-powertrain technologies for road, agricultural, marine, and air transport applications, as well as specific industrial uses. Test ride the full range at Reload Land!

Energica offers four electric motorcycle models, including the Experia, EVA Ribelle, EGO+, and EsseEsse9+. The Experia is a 0-emission Green Tourer motorcycle with a purpose-built, newly designed electric powertrain and battery, optimized for long-range, two-up comfort. The EVA Ribelle is a naked version of the EGO+ with similar torque, power, acceleration, and range, but with an upright riding position. The EGO+ is still the world’s most powerful and advanced electric motorcycle, with the longest range of any electric motorcycle. The EsseEsse9+ has a classic Italian style and is popular with long-distance electric riders. It shares the technology and sophistication of the EGO+.

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