LM Creations aims to redefine the future of custom mobility by utilizing digital craftsmanship methods to construct exceptional, one-of-a-kind vehicles. Their expertise extends to electric vehicle (EV) conversions, breathing new electric life into motorcycles, and providing high-end craftsmanship products.

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NOAN is a Berlin-based company specializing in two-wheeled electric mobility. With a strong emphasis on innovative technology, premium materials, and local manufacturing in Germany, NOAN is at the forefront of the shift towards sustainable personal transportation. Their flagship product, the NAON electric scooter, embodies this ethos, offering not only an exceptional look and feel but also a commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

Where Motorcycle Dreams Come to Life

Enrico Pauli, the mastermind behind Loose Screw, is a virtuoso in the realm of vehicles, with a particular passion for motorcycles. Conversations with Enrico leave a lasting impression, as he effortlessly paints a vivid picture of a motorcycle that surpasses even the wildest dreams of enthusiasts. From envisioning your dream bike to bringing it to fruition, Enrico’s finesse and craftsmanship ensure a truly unique and standout machine.

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