Impuls XYZ Sur–Ron Firefly "Light Bee"

German sportswear label and retailer BSTN is renowned for its forward-thinking approach, and it has once again partnered with Philipp Wulk of Impuls to create their second commissioned project together. This time, the spotlight is on the Sur-Ron Firefly, a unique vehicle that sits between an electric bicycle and an electric motorcycle. Referred to as the Light Bee, this popular scooter boasts an impressive top speed of 73 kph (45 mph) and a real-world range of approximately 70 kilometers (43 miles). Surprisingly, the build quality of the Sur-Ron Firefly is said to rival that of renowned motorcycle manufacturers, with some testers even comparing it favorably to Honda’s craftsmanship.

Impuls has previously collaborated with BSTN on an eye-catching Ducati 916, celebrating the Air Jordan sneaker. For their latest project, the customization is tied to Nike's 'Air Max Day.' Discussing the inspiration behind the collaboration, Philipp explains, "After our last collaboration with the Ducati 916, BSTN wanted to build a bike to match the Nike Air Max 90 Duck Camo and Max 2090. The overarching theme was 'sustainability,' making an electric bike the obvious choice."

Conducting thorough research, the team decided on the Sur-Ron Firefly due to its street-legal status and the fact that it can be ridden with a regular car license. After test riding the vehicle and being impressed by its power and unique aesthetic, the decision was made to utilize it for the customization project. Additionally, BSTN wanted to extend the reach beyond just the motorcycle community by offering the customized bike as a prize in a raffle. During testing, it was discovered that the Sur-Ron Firefly's stance and suspension were suitable, so no changes were made in those areas. However, Philipp did modify the stem to accommodate taller riders, ensuring a comfortable experience for individuals over 1.90 meters (6'2") in height.

While the Sur-Ron Firefly excels in many aspects, one design detail stood out as an opportunity for improvement. Philipp notes, „The section behind the handlebars and in front of the seat looked incomplete, as if something was missing. We addressed this by adding a luggage rack in that area.“ To achieve this modification, the battery cover was reinforced, and the esteemed leather specialist Kruno Nakic was enlisted to design the luggage itself. At the rear, the frame was reworked with a new license plate mount, and a Supernova M99 taillight with custom laser-cut acrylic screens was integrated. To enhance the overall aesthetics, the wheels were re-spoked with black spokes, complemented by a black aftermarket sprocket and powder coating. Upgrades were also made to the brakes, with Magura’s four-piston MT5 eSTOP units providing improved feel and performance. The original headlight was replaced with a sleek Supernova M99 Pure+ unit, which can be easily removed using a MonkeyLink adapter for off-road usage.
The seat received a redesign by Kruno Nakic, removing the front and side portions for a more streamlined appearance. Additionally, the battery cover was raised to enhance the bike’s silhouette. Even seemingly minor details matter, and the grips were wrapped in leather to match the color scheme of the accompanying bag and tire warmers—a necessity for ensuring optimal tire temperature during daily trail races. Philipp shares that the customization process faced challenges due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Some parts didn’t arrive on time, but fortunately, the headlight made it just in time for the photo shoot, allowing the team to work around the missing components and complete the bike before the final lockdown was imposed.

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