Metorbike is the brainchild of two passionate engineers, Michael and Marvin, who have shared a fascination with the café racer style since their school days. Their vision was to merge the elegance of combustion engine design with electric mobility, and thus began their journey.
During their studies in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, and electromobility, Michael and Marvin gained valuable experience in converting combustion mopeds. Slowly but surely, they acquired the necessary machines and tools to bring their idea to life. It all started in grandpa’s workshop, which became the birthplace of Metorbike.

The Perfect Blend of Classic and Modern in Electric Mobility

The key principles that guided their development process were perfect design blending classic and modern elements, an innovative electric drive, the use of sustainable materials, repurposed batteries from the automotive industry, handcrafted manufacturing in Germany, an emotional sound experience, and ample power. Drawing on their engineering background, the duo meticulously planned and developed their bike. Thanks to their mechatronics training, they were proficient in operating the required machinery. They took it upon themselves to learn every other aspect of the process. From filing wood and sewing leather to milling aluminum, painting parts, and soldering circuit boards, they crafted every single component of the first prototype during their studies.

The overwhelming enthusiasm and positive reception they received from others made Michael and Marvin realize that their ideas resonated with a wider audience. Thus, they decided to turn their beloved hobby into a full-fledged profession. After three years of tireless development, Metorbike is no longer just a vision—it has become a reality. The result is a rideable bike that is fully street legal. With their dedication and expertise, Michael and Marvin proudly present their meticulously crafted Metorbikes to the world.

Power Specs:

Drivetrain: Mid-drive motor with chain
Motor: Brushless DC motor
Rated power: 2kW / 2.72HP
Peak power: 7kW / 9,5PS
Controller: CanBus controlled bidirectional inverter
(communication between motor, battery, display & the sound generator)

Chassis data

Frame: Puch AX40
Fork: Aprilia RS 125 Upside Down
Rims: 17″ spoke rims
Tires: Kenda retro with classic longitudinal groove design
Brakes: 125 disc brakes


Seat height: 770mm
Total height: 930mm
Total length: 1700mm
Total width: 644mm
Empty weight: 64Kg
Total weight: 76Kg
Maximum payload: 150Kg
Maximum speed: 49.5 km/h


– Keyless-Go System
– Digital speedometer with touchscreen for switching engine sounds
– Solid wood seat with leather upholstery of your choice
– Two side mirrors


+ Anti-theft device (GPS tracker)
+ Engraving of the leather handles
+ Stainless steel RFID card with engraving
+ Illuminated logos on the „tank
+ Multiklang package
+ Milled switches for horn, turn signals, gearshifts
+ Full leather seat
+ Special finishes

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