Second Ride is tackling the challenges posed by climate change by promoting a sustainable traffic turnaround through the conversion of combustion vehicles to electric drive. By retrofitting vehicles, the majority of the vehicle can still be used, reducing CO2 emissions by over 50% compared to producing a new electric car. Their goal is to scale up this approach, known as retrofit, and make it widely applicable to contribute to a livable earth for future generations.

The founders were first inspired by SIMSON, a moped brand from the former GDR. These mopeds not only have an appealing appearance but also the unique capability to reach speeds of 60km/h with a moped license. With Second Ride, they are making these cult mopeds fit for the future by converting them into low-maintenance, powerful, and locally emission-free electric vehicles.

Second Ride’s mission is to achieve a sustainable traffic revolution, recognizing that approximately 50 million vehicles need to be replaced by electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles for road traffic to become climate-neutral. Rather than producing new vehicles and generating waste, Second Ride focuses on converting existing vehicles.
Second Ride’s conversion kit for SIMSON mopeds offers a swift three-hour conversion process and achieves a top speed of 60km/h. It includes a street-legal certificate and upgrades the power to 4kw, enabling local emission-free operation.

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